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Is AdBlock blocking your access to AdSense?

Colin Colehour [PersonRank 10]

Monday, July 23, 2007
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Google's AdSense blog mentioned that the AdBlock extension in Firefox has caused many publishers trouble in trying to login into their AdSense accounts. Google's advice is to turn the extension off to log into your account. Something here doesn't seem right though.

First, why would AdSense publishers block Google's images/sites with the AdBlock extension? Publishers would want to be able to use Google's services so they can make more money from their sites. Plus, if you put ads on your site, wouldn't you want to see them to make sure everything looks ok? Second, is this Google's way of making sure all of their ad's are seen when users browse the web? They blame a problem with logging into their system on an extension that could block the largest business unit for the company?

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15 years ago #

To answer your question: no, it is not google's way of making sure all of their ad's are seen. That does not make sense. If that was the case, Google could have said that long ago. This was in response to problems people were having logging into adsense after a firefox update. Possibly, adblock is having some problems since the firefox updates or some users did inadvertently block the adsense page. Either way, if google was trying to make sure their ads were being seen then why would it recommend to turn off adblock *before* logging into adsense ; in other words, this advice was just given to help those having problems logging in. Sometimes things are just what they seem – often there is not some conspiracy going on.

By the way, many publishers probably do block ads for web browsing, and possibly turn it off when they want to see their own adds, or set up only to see ads on their own site.

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