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Gmail down?

Susan Geraeds [PersonRank 1]

Sunday, September 16, 2007
15 years ago7,100 views

Gmail appears to be down. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

It's fine for me.

David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Works fine for me too..

Gmail User [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago #

Its down for me too

massi [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

italy 9/25/2007 gmail down (and its been 12 hours now)

Rohit Srivastwa [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Seems like some local problem
Working fine everywhere else.

DPic [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I couldn't access one of my accounts for about 3 minutes today and i kept getting a 502 server error but it's fine now

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