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Google Planning Giant Undersea Cable?  (View post)

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, September 22, 2007
15 years ago4,486 views


RC [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Sure. It is made out to be a bigger deal than it really is.

Martin Porcheron [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I agree with RC. It will probably just link Google's Datacentres with each other so that have quicker comms between each of them.

Luka [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Well, if internet neutrality is applied in US, Google must find a way to reduce cost of data exchanges. And this could be a way to counter this law... by making money sharing Tb!

Rohit Srivastwa [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Isn't it a normal thing?

A small company with presence in different company goes for small IPLC circuits of 10-20mb

Google need much more bandwidth so inter-datacenter communication, so its going for direct fiber.

Sounds very obvious to me & I thought it already exists.

MJ Rich [PersonRank 6]

15 years ago #

That is so crazy to think of cables under the water for thousands of miles!!11one

scjm [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Whatever happened to the shipping-container data-center idea? ( Anyway, would this just be from California to Asia? Or would there be another cable to Australia? Or maybe my favorite country, Kiribati? Currently Kiribati's Internet is quite limited (see:

Colin Colehour [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

While they are at it, can they bring Fiber to my doorstep??

Armand Asante [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago #

I'm reminded of the Epiphyte corporation in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

I guess Google doesn't want to own the internet – it wants to BE the internet.

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