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"Total Google searches" no longer cumulative in web history?

Brian Mingus [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
12 years ago3,219 views

I haven't been keeping precise track of the total number of searches in my Google Web History, but some months ago I was at roughly 24,500 searches, and I've been hovering around that number since then, despite conducting a large amount of searches daily. I just realized that this is likely due to Google's new privacy policy, where they only keep user data for two years. Every day they drop a day of searches that are over two years old, and add a day.

The only confirmation I have of this is that in this post I said my search history went back to April 20, 2005. Now it only goes back to November 4th, 2005. Despite having performed thousands of searches in the last four months, my total count has only gone up by ~500. ...


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