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Gadget Video Rocks the Net Dasha849.avi

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Saturday, November 3, 2007
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A Gadget Video Rocks the Net. DASHA849.avi

Darya Dasha Gunchenko is seen in a web video sitting in a chair talking to a computer hacker named Gadget. She tells him she has just finished working and is going to see her mom after she visits a male fiend for some late night sexual acion. Gadget smiles and tells her to stay out of trouble. she goes on to ask how is he. He replies "Good, very good."

Gadget tells her he's heard stories about her telling girls that her boyfriend is beating her and goes on to ask her why she would say that when she has no poyfriend or pimp doing any such thing to her. She starts to cry and apologize to Gadget for the obvious lie. Then he asks her point blank "Why do you make up stuff that sounds so bad?" She explains that she did it for the attention and to fit in at work. Gadget yells out at her "WHY DON'T YOU GET A NORMAL JOB SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIE TO GIRLS AND EVERYONE YOU MEET. YOU ARE GOING TO BLOW IT FOR YOURSELF AND BRING HEAT TO THE CLUB. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?" She cries out "Sorry" and expresses how she realizes the new conflict in her lies has caused in the club environment. The look of sad dissappointment to the computer hackers face for ever helping her to a make money to care for her medical needs of her family.

Gadget asks her "Do you want to stay friends with me?" "Everytime you lie and people see you with me, they must think i'm pimping you or that I'm the boyfriend that you talk about that beats you.

She stops crying and says "That's not true. Look I'm sorry, realy I am I need this Its tight at home, spish is gettish worse and the bills are getting hard on my mom"

Gadget replies "Then make your money, help your family and stop telling lies in the club. No one is pimping you or abusing you, so why make up shit?."

Dasha replies "OK"

Gadget: "Just on more thing and I'll get you kicked out of the myself. Just to stop your crazy mouth, trouble and drama. Just help your family. That's it. Stop talking to the pimps and drug dealers in the club. I've seen you. It looks bad"

Dasha replies: ", I have to go my mom called two times now.

Gadget yells out "Remember what I said. This place should be about helping your family if your going to take it for a joke don't call me anymore for help."

Dasha replies: "Ok. I'm really really sorry. I'll call you later..I have to go."

She hugs Gadget. Next she is seen driving off slowly in her car.

See the full video of GADGET

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