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Quick translation of Christophe's text [PersonRank 0]

Monday, October 17, 2005
17 years ago

Human Browser, is a series of wifi Internet performances based on a "Google Hack" .
Using headphones, the actor hears a text-to-speech synthesized voice reading out a text stream from the Internet in real time. The actor interprets/acts out the text he hears. This text stream is captured by a program (on a Wifi laptop) which hijacks Google and diverts it from its utilitarian function. Depending on the actor’s context, the keywords are sent to a program via a Wifi PDA and used as new input to Google, so that the text stream is always linked to the context.

The Internet has become a unrivalled surveillance and control tool. Its economic dynamic is to analyze and predict trends – anticipating what you think at any moment so it can sell you something to fulfill your needs.. Under this deal, you accept the promise of happiness in exchange for losing some of your privacy, and your wildest dreams become predictable, transparent, even banal...

We are working on other performances, in different places and contexts, in English and French.

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