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Did Israel Court Get Google to Reveal Blogger Identity?  (View post)

M. S. [PersonRank 1]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
7 years ago2,854 views

I can read Hebrew, and I can confirm this is true. (Ben-Ari's blog links to an Israeli government website confirming it.)

Enrico Magen [PersonRank 0]

7 years ago #

I can read hebrew, and I can confirm this thing... I mean, I can confirm what he told you is what he wrote, and that it's also been published in a major news website in Israel..

Reto Meier [PersonRank 10]

7 years ago #

When it's written it's libel isn't it?

As per the definition in the post, slander is 'oral communication'.

Hanan Cohen [PersonRank 7]

7 years ago #

The blog is now 404

David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]

7 years ago #

As the others said above, this story is true. :)

Bob Jones [PersonRank 2]

7 years ago #

Does Google have development offices in Israel? Seems to be a popular place for IT companies.

Even if the servers aren't there, Google generally follows national law and abides by reasonable court decisions.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

7 years ago #

> Does Google have development offices in Israel?

Check out this post... ...

TheRaveN 2.0 [PersonRank 1]

7 years ago #

"Sad but true...." (Metallica)

+ Show video

Dora Kishinevsky [PersonRank 1]

7 years ago #

What's weird is that, at least according to the court documents, Google Israel was first approached and objected to giving the IP address away on legal grounds. Only then was the warrant request amended to name global Google, which seems more correct, and global Google's people had no such scruples. Couldn't Google Israel just say "it's not us – talk to our daddy", anyway?

Abe Bird [PersonRank 0]

7 years ago #

The bottom line is that advertising in Blogs is bent to law and those who break the law can be prosecute under certain clauses already existing in law books, such as implying slander. At least that prevails in Israel.

effi fuks [PersonRank 0]

7 years ago #

well, the article is true. and does google has a well based representation in israel (reserch center and mannging offices)

anyway, the representation in not the issue here, because of the fact that when it comes to CyberLaw, courts tend to gain jurisdiction upon website's even if they are not located or incorporated in the same country.

e.g: israeli Magistrate's Court ruled against a gambeling web site called "Victor Chandler" despite it wasnt by any way located or conncted to israel. the reason was because it approched israelly gamblers due to the fact it has translation to hebrew and it advertized to hebrew speakers in hebrew sites. (gambling is not allowed in israel)

BTW: the procedure for reciving for anonymous user's IP address that are sued for slander, abusing, and any other civil wrong. is well common in the israelly legal system, and it tend to balance between the user's right for the freedom of speech and his right for privacy against pointing liability to a wrongdoer who hides behind the anonymity the internet gives (prima facie)

Dora Kishinevsky [PersonRank 1]

7 years ago #

Ignore my earlier reply – apparently that description was a bit of a misrepresentation.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

7 years ago #

Another news report on this:

<<In an unprecedented move, Google Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOG) has agreed to supply the IP address of an Israeli blogger who used "Google Blogger" for a blog in which he slandered Shaarei Tikva council members running for reelection. The election is being held today.>> ...

David [PersonRank 0]

6 years ago #

A new site had published English translations from the removed blog that was accused of slander. It also had published some articles critical of the Google's decision. In an unprecedented move Google removed all mentions of those articles from its search listings. Is there blacklisting of critical opinions by Google?
The link to the site:

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