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Douglas Reimer [PersonRank 0]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
12 years ago4,572 views

Why not use Google Translate?

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

(I did, that was the automated translation I mentioned. It's a good start but doesn't have 100% clear results tho...)

kuanhoong [PersonRank 0]

12 years ago #

Hi Lenssen,

I am from Japan. Basically the blog post from Gmail Japan regarding support for all emojis from existing Japanese handset users i.e., AU KDDI, Softbank, NTT Docomo and Willcom. It is common for Japanese to send emails from their handsets with emojis as part of the email content. Now Gmail users can see those emojis in their Gmail.

kugamac [PersonRank 0]

12 years ago #

Hi Philipp Lenssen,

I'm kugamac from Japan. I read this blog often. Thank you for your excelent work about Google. It's really informative.

I summarize the post by Google Japanese blog,

■ posted at 2008/1/28

People can send "Emoji" from Gmail with mobile phone's browser to native Email application account ([put at-character here] , ,

Although "Emoji" differ between mobile careers (DoCoMo, au , Softbank), Gmail automatically convert "Emoji" appropreately according to their mobile careers.

This was already launched.

■ posted at 2008/2/21

People can send "Emoji" from native Email application account ([put at-character here]ezweb) to Gmail.

And, people can send "Emoji" from Gmail with mobile phone's browser to native Email application account ([put at-character here] .

This was already launched.


If there are any obscurities , please let me know.

Kugamac (kugamac[put at-character here]

Andy Wong [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

Sinographs of Kanji (Chinese character) originally evolved from graphics thousands years ago, and had become abstraction of graphics to represent objects and actions etc.

Now Japanese go back to the root, and use graphics again, in the ego system of computing devices like mobile and web.

Anyway, we are going to have to learn another fashionable language as it is going popular. What a fun.

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