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35 Streaming Apps to Compare [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, March 1, 2008
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Great bookmarker for everyone interested in comparing streaming apps

here are a few – visit the blog for the rest

   * Tumblr – Tumblr is a microblogging application that also allows the inclusion of activity streams from other services.

   * Onaswarm – Onaswarm, which is in private beta, is a dedicated lifestreaming app that supports a wide variety of other services.

   * Jaiku – The chief function of Jaiku, as a presence app similar to Twitter, is enhanced by letting users aggregate activity from outside services.

   * – – in closed beta – is a dedicated activity stream aggregator that quotes our review in the company line by calling itself a "standards based nerve center."

   * – Similar to Tumblr, is a microblogging application. It also supports outside status updates for 11 services and any RSS feed.

   * FriendFeed – Due to being founded by a bunch of ex-Googlers, FriendFeed might hold the crown for most talked about lifestreaming app. It supports nearly 30 web sites.
   * MyBlogLog – MyBlogLog, which specializes in creating ad-hoc social networks around blogs, just got into lifestreaming with an update last night.
   * Profilactic – Profilactic supports 135 sites. Yes, 135 sites. As well as the ability to add your own. Have fun.

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