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Will Search Engine Optimization Change?

Anish Porwal [PersonRank 1]

Thursday, May 22, 2008
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Hi friends.. What you feel about this...

With the internet growing so quickly and search engines like Google aggressively buying smaller internet related businesses, it raises a question: will search engine optimization go through another change?

Google now owns Feedburner so Google now has a good idea as to how many people subscribe to your sites and which pages/articles or posts are more popular. With Google analytics Google can see how many visitors you receive, where they come from and what keywords are being used to find your site. Over time our search engine ranking strategies may need to change to adapt to algorithms that include this data.

On a different front, data is now available in so many different formats. There are commercial sites including eCommerce. Blogs are growing at an incredible rate each day and then of course there is rapid growth of media such as video, podcast and images. Search engine optimization in the future may need to treat these in completely different ways.

I am waiting for the day that search engines, particularly Google, remove the general search functions and move all searches to format specific. You can now refine your search to media, news and blogs amongst other categories. If Google were to introduce a specific commercial section it would have 99% of all online data segmented. As search engine optimization consultants we would need to optimize each page dependent on which category it belonged to.

The future is a mystery and no one really knows we it is taking us. We are, generally speaking, at the whim of search engines like Google who can make or break a business simply through it ranking system. If they ever take a segmented approach I don’t know if the role of search engine marketing consultant would be easier or harder – it would certainly be interesting.

Mambo [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

I think in the foreseeable future, the biggest change will be Personalised Search. Not every person is after the same thing, so to base it on what they do in every day life only makes sense.However, I can't think of any advantages it will bring to the SEO market; it will probably just make it more organic and harder to target.

As cited in the latest "Google Search Quality" post on the Google blog ( ...), there has always been a need for well-established content or fresh content. I believe that fresh content will take more dominance in the next few years, when even the less tech-savvy people start putting their views across on the Internet.

Moreover, there's always going to be a need for search – even if we don't realise it. However, there's not always going to be a need for a Web. Specific tasks on the Web COULD be modularised and be completely different from any current systems. (For example, using Apple TV instead of using Firefox to download your movies.) Therefore, we, and even Google, will need to start thinking how these systems can be utilised.

Anish Porwal [PersonRank 1]

12 years ago #

Yeah i agree with you ..... It wont bring advantages you right but surely it can bring many difficulties for SEO even i feel that fresh content will take more Dominance... Whatever I'm feeling that SEO Work will be Huge and Tough....

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