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Haochi [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, July 19, 2008
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Technically speaking this post is not that off topic, but I put the OT tag anyway.

Well, I didn't get to go to see The Dark Knight last night because all the IMAX tickets were sold out :(so I decided to build the (calendar * to-do list) app that I have always wanted to build but never did.

[Skip all the nonsense...]
(uses jQuery; you can slide the handles on the top of the page to "reset" the range; by default it loads the "Zorgloob" calendar, but you can specify your own by appending a named anchor with a Google Calendar full feed URL [ie.] and refresh the page)

That's only the prototype of what I wanted to build. I will not be using Google Calendar for the final product but thought it would be cool to test it with Google Calendar before writing the actual server-side codes.

Since this is only an prototype (and I am testing with Google Calendar at the moment), it doesn't really cache the data on the client-side/browser (it kinda does, but not really).

So basically the app will store two sets of data, "todo" & "event". Todos are the things that I need to do and events are (semi-)important things that happened around me. I will probably have more sets later, like "People I met" blah blah all that, but right now I am just going with those two.

I am building this because "old-skool" calendar apps suck and that I just keep forgetting to do (little) things. [] I haven't try Remember the Milk yet but I don't think I will like it much either.

This app will focus on the Todos, so when adding todos I will need to choose a priority value for them, high, mid, or low and when displayed they will be ranked by their priority and date and probably some other factors that I have thought of yet.

What do you think? Suggestions are welcome. :)

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