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Google Domain Stats and New Domains

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Saturday, September 6, 2008
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For those who enjoy Google stats:
Google has approximately 4,792 domains using (at least) the name server:

We also noticed that "dns-admin Google Inc." was associated with about 4610 domains. It's likely that other domains owned by Google use other addresses in their registration.

Fast Fact
------------ was created by and first registered to Google Inc on April 26, 2004

More domains are now registered to Google Inc.
Earlier this week:

became registered to Google and use Google name servers.

The domain was first registered in 2007.

In June, 2008, it was registered to a person in Montevideo.

As of Wednesday it was registered and was listed on a Google name server.

Even More Domains
------------------ and now use a Google name server and list Google Inc as their owner. Previously, the domains listed Google CN as their owner and sat on name servers.

---- and were registered by Google on Wednesday. (currently live with a 404 note)
lists a Domains by Proxy service as the owner (likely owned by Google).

and (currently live with a 403 error)
is registered (for now) to a person in Canada.

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