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Google App Engine & Zoho Creator, new features

KMB [PersonRank 7]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
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New features to Google App Engine. Should suit owners of own domains that Google Apps is hosting.

"App Engine Site Creator is a lightweight content management system with a full GUI for content creation and administration. It provides a hierarchical site structure, an authentication system, user and group level access controls, file attachments and a WYSIWYG interface for editing page HTML."

"Zoho Creator enables you to develop data backed business applications, and once you have developed your app in Creator, simply download the Python code and upload it to Google App Engine."

"The process of deploying a Zoho Creator application on to App Engine doesn’t require knowledge of Python. You don’t even have to write a single line of code to create and deploy an application either on Zoho or Google App Engine. Zoho Creator essentially acts as an IDE for Google App Engine.

Applications with these features cannot be deployed on to App Engine currently.
File Upload & Notes field
Criteria based Views
Group by Operator
HTML, Summary & Calendar Views
Themes support as in Zoho Creator
Limited Deluge Scripting support (only email notifications are supported)" with free applications like CRM, customer support etc.

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