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Surchur's Dashboard-style Results  (View post)

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
11 years ago2,914 views

Pretty useful and cool, however I wish it was possible to add/remove services and reorder them, however this is still a nice site to bookmark:D

SocialStream [PersonRank 7]

11 years ago #

where is the url how to view it ?

SocialStream [PersonRank 7]

11 years ago #

oo sorry i didnt notice the hyperlink

shailan [PersonRank 0]

11 years ago #

if i search something i need to find results not a comparison chart.
why would i need to compare the results?

Brandon [PersonRank 0]

11 years ago #

At first glance, this looks just like Addictomatic. Example:

With Addictomatic, you can re-order groups and remove certain sources; they give just about the same sources as surchur does.

Todd [PersonRank 0]

11 years ago #

Thanks for the plug Philip!

You can see more about the new features at ... OR check out the overview video of all features at ...

Keep checking back as we continue to launch a bunch of new and even funner features on surchur in coming weeks.

Keep on surchin'!

Todd, founder,

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