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DPic [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
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Firstly, in response to mbegin <<2.) No special Google Voice email address, like>> ...

Wrong. Any number that is able to send text messages must have an email addres. How to find out what it is? Send a text message to your email. Results: xxxxxxxxxx[put at-character here]

No longer being able to replace the ring ring of your phone is disappointing, but the feature became pretty worthless anyways after google acquired grandcentral and disabled uploading your own audio files so you could unly select from a small batch of different rings. Although, i did contact them after they had been aquired about adding support for ogg and they said they could work on that. Any hope of bringing that feature back?

Also, no multimedia messaging is annoying. Not sure wha'ts holding them back from enabling that.

Stuff i still havent experimented with:
   * If you SMS a Google Voice user from Google Voice to both their gvoice number as well as the number it forwards to, does each get a different 406 number?
   * Can you text/call a 406 number from a non-gvoice number?

Any other thoughts/criticisms?

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