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Sam [PersonRank 3]

Thursday, April 2, 2009
13 years ago8,697 views

try "In 2009"... apparently it's not going to be a good year (especially for the mentally handicapped).

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Coincidentally, I noticed really long suggestions this morning but I assumed it was because I'd entered a long search phrase – i.e.:

<< A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server. >>

Try entering [in 1976] – that returns a really long suggestion:

<< in 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of tangshan china. scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. if people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake however they would have known it was coming. animals can often sense an impending earthquake when scientists cannot. >>

Brad Czerniak [PersonRank 1]

13 years ago #

The answer is Anton Chekhov

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

And [in 1987] is just a bit longer:

<< in 1987 when so many still believed that aids could be contracted through casual contact princess diana sat on the sickbed of a man with aids and held his hand. she showed the world that people with aids deserve no isolation but compassion and kindness. it helped change the world's opinion and gave hope to people with aids. >>

Justin de la Cruz [PersonRank 1]

13 years ago #

Any year works well. I suppose this has a link to the way many trivia questions are phrased, since the results tend to point to e-quizzes and other such junk.

TOMHTML [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

In French I got long questions too when typing in "19" ==> many Trivial Pursuit questions :)
"en 1991 l'om est déjà en finale de la ligue des champions mais la perd aux tirs au but contre l'etoile rouge de belgrade... mais lequel de ces joueurs n'as pas réussi son penalty pour l'om"

Bob [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

great discovery!

Jane [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

thats great

Ben Allen [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

sounds like a lazy ChaCha guide.

Stefan [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

Hey Philipp,
please code us a quick tool that makes a list of all years >1900 with corresponding google suggestions.
History according to google :)

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Stefan, here it is:
1900;in 1900 the leading cause of death in the united states was
1901;in 1901 which big ten member became the first non-ivy league school to win a national championship
1902;in 1902 james mckenzie invented the
1904;in 1904 which writer died in germany after toasting his wife and had his body returned to moscow in a refrigerated railway car marked for oysters
1906;in 1906 upton sinclair's novel the jungle exposed dangerous workplace conditions
1907;in 1907 horse-drawn vehicles in manhattan rode on the average ____ as motorized vehicles today.
1908;in 1908 the wright brothers conducted tests for
1909;in 1909 freud
1910;in 1910 phuket was the first place in thailand to have what
1911;in 1911 prithviraj chauhan defeated mohammad ghori.what was this battle known as
1912;in 1912 what became the worlds largest man made moving object
1913;in 1913 the longest wooden bridge in the world.
1914;in 1914 during world war i troops from these two hostile countries observed an unofficial christmas truce.
1915;in 1915 which nation was not a part of the allies
1916;in 1916 what disaster occurred at the house of commons
1917;in 1917 the british settled this nation's army in the three battles of gaza
1919;in 1919 seattle was virtually shut down because of
1920;in 1920 the record for a certain race
1921;in 1921 congress passed a law that limited
1923;in 1923 who was
1924;in 1924 mary cover jones reported that 3-year-old peter lost his fear of rabbits when one was repeatedly presented while he was eating a tasty snack. this episode best illustrated the potential usefulness of
1926;in 1926 hormel's innovation was selling its flavor-sealed ham in these containers
1927;in 1927 what caused some banks to fail
1928;in 1928 los angeles single mother christine collins
1929;in 1929 the soviet union established gun control
1930;in 1930 uw scientists tried to increase milk production in cows by
1931;in 1931 who was the leader of japan
1932;in 1932 manchuria was taken over by
1933;in 1933 franklin delano roosevelt proposed a series of government programs that became known as
1935;in 1935 what was bugs bunny originally called
1936;in 1936 the red wings were part of the longest nhl game in history. the game ended with a detroit win the 6th overtime. who scored the winning goal
1937;in 1937 the first postage stamp to commemorate christmas was issued by this country
1938;in 1938 germany sent troops into what country and forced its leaders to accept the anschluss
1939;in 1939 robert may created this christmas figure as a christmas promotion for montgomery ward department store in chicago.
1940;in 1940 this company acquired the name hungry jack for pancake flour
1941;in 1941 which of hitler's cronies parachuted into scotland hoping to get britain to switch sides
1942;in 1942 i invented the shoe
1943;in 1943 i invented the tree
1944;in 1944 i invented the floor
1945;in 1945 the allies divided korea into how many parts
1946;in 1946 j. presper eckert and john mauchly created the first large general-purpose electronic computer. it was given the name
1947;in 1947 british india was partitioned into which of the following states
1948;in 1948 edmund gwenn won an academy award® for best supporting actor in what holiday movie
1949;in 1949 mao zedong
1950;in 1950 what was the job of the international ice patrol
1951;in 1951 an amendment to the constitution set a limit on the number of terms a president may serve
1952;in 1952 this was the first auto race won by a driver wearing a seatbelt.
1953;in 1953 the cia stage a coup in iran that
1954;in 1954 dr. king was appointed pastor of a black church in
1955;in 1955 dr. king was appointed pastor of a black church in
1956;in 1956 what was king arrested for
1958;in 1958 which pianist became the first american to win the tchaikovsky piano competition in moscow
1959;in 1959 rbs opened the first drive in bank in
1960;in 1960s
1961;in 1961 east germany erected a wall between east and west berlin to
1962;in 1962 king did what
1963;in 1963 which device did douglas engelbart invent
1964;in 1964 what happened to nelson mandela
1965;in 1965 which christmas song became the first song to be broadcast from space
1966;in 1966 what band became the star of a hit television series
1967;in 1967 reader's digest warned that a campaign led by dr. king would cause an insurrection. what was the name of this campaign
1968;in 1968 valerie solanas shot andy warhol she also wrote an anti-male book what was its title
1969;in 1969 where did all the positive forces of the counterculture come together to celebrate peace love and freedom
1970;in 1970 what bank installed the first atm
1971;in 1971 who was the first player to score a touchdown at the stadium
1972;in 1972 a crack commando unit
1973;in 1973 e f schumacher wrote ‘all real human problems arise from the antinomy of order and freedom.’ if true what are the implications for parents and managements
1974;in 1974 a radio message was sent out from the arecibo observatory in puerto rico. how far has it gotten approximately
1975;in 1975 the supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to
1976;in 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of tangshan china. scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. if people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake however they would have known it was coming. animals can often sense an impending earthquake when scientists cannot.
1977;in 1977 dennis c. hayes invented a computer component that is essential to computer communication.
1978;in 1978 the blues brothers release their version of what sam & dave classic song
1979;in 1979 who used an aluminum bat in a match between australia and england
1980;in 1980 who became the youngest ever masters champion
1981;in 1981 children in the united states spent an average
1982;in 1982 the united nations sent troops to lebanon to
1983;in 1983 who became the first doctor to operate on the heart and was instrumental in the advancement of african american physicians
1984;in 1984 i was hospitalized for approaching perfection
1985;in 1985 what medium did the computer world borrow from the music world
1986;in 1986 dot was converted into which two wholly government owned companies
1987;in 1987 who led the giants in receiving.
1988;in 1988 what percentage of the population of the usa thought that at least part of the moon was made of cheese
1989;in 1989 former indiana running back anthony thompson set the big ten rushing record with how many rushing yards in one game
1990;in 1990 the life expectancy of males
1991;in 1991 the giants defeated the buffalo bills winning their second super bowl thanks to a missed field goal by whom.
1992;in 1992 the life expectancy of males in a certain country
1993;in 1993 brooks & dunn won a grammy® award for best country vocal performance for this song
1994;in 1994 the year of kurt cobain's death which nirvana album charted highest in the uk
1995;in 1995 status quo opened live aid with which song
1996;in 1996 what online company did sears own part of
1997;in 1997 dolly the sheep was cloned. which of the following processes was used
1998;in 1998 it was announced that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. what does this imply from the perspective of the big bang
1999;in 1999 doctors without borders won the nobel peace prize. where is the nobel peace prize awarded
2000;in 2000 the billboard's top country album
2001;in 2001 a computer virus was unleashed when e-mail users clicked on a picture of whom
2002;in 2002 how many computers were connected to the internet
2003;in 2003 how many pro bowls did the ravens have
2004;in 2004 the billboard's top r&b hip-hop album was
2005;in 2005 which tripod album won an area for best comedy album release
2006;in 2006 lil' wayne released an album with another rapper. who was this rapper and what is the name of the album
2007;in 2007 youtube
2008;in 2008 venice banned what activity in st. mark's square
2009;in 2009 the us government will start shipping retards away

I put the PHP file to achieve this is here:

George R [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Why stop at 2009?
in 2012
in 2015
in 202
in 2020

You can alsor try
on apr

Those who have suggest disabled in their preferences, may find the below search page convenient for trying the above.

Roger Browne [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Thanks for the PHP Phillip! I'm always interested to see what techniques you use here.

George R [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

I do not like the suggest feature and set my preferences to disable it.

With Yahoo I also set my preferences to disable it, but I seem to get suggestions anyway. It also seems to continue to communicate with their suggest server. Do other people notice this?

George R [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

PC World has a story titled "Fun With Google Suggest" by Tom Spring and Daniel Ionescu.

Here is a small sample from their lists.

What would Jesus ...
   ... do for a Klondike bar?

Google is ...
... making us stupid

is it legal ...
... for a man in scotland to marry his widow's sister
... to download youtube videos

where are my ...
... my keys i lost my phone
... my temporary internet files

my pc ...
... is on fire

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