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Did you mean: be cautious when fingering friends

Zoran [PersonRank 3]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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Check this out: ...

This is interesting did you mean thing... if volume of keyword is under 100 searches per day they just try to guess keyword I am pretty sure... they said it is algorithmic but I am pretty sure it is not like they describe. OK this might work for common misspellings but not on very rare keywords.

I have example when we registered at whole interent there was just 2 results showing up for fragrantica and those were 1 misspellings at some Spanish website and one MFA website that generated tons of misspellings algorithmically.

At that time we had
Did you mean: fragrance

but it disappeared and now when we have several hundreds of searches of our brand name per day I hope that soon will show up for "fragrance"
Did you mean: fragrantica

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