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milivella [PersonRank 10]

Monday, April 27, 2009
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Thumb up for Churchill!

My two favorite quotes from sir Winston are:

George Bernard Shaw telegrammed Winston Churchill just prior to the opening of Major Barbara: "Have reserved two tickets for first night. Come and bring a friend. If you have one." Churchill wired back, "Impossible to come to first night. Will come to second night. If you have one."

After dinner Lady Astor presided over the pouring of coffee. When Churchill came by, she glared and said. "Winston, if I were your wife, I’d put poison in your coffee." "Nancy," Churchill replied to the acid-tongued woman, "if I were your husband, I’d drink it."

Source for this exact wording:
(I changed punctuation a bit, though.)

Jyaif [PersonRank 1]

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nathaniel [PersonRank 0]

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One of my fav Churchill anecdotes occurred while a reporter was interviewing him.

The reporter (a female) said Winston you are drunk! He replied "Yes Madam but you are ugly and in the morning I shall be sober!!!"

SocialStream [PersonRank 7]

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Justin Sein Lin [PersonRank 1]

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Simply amusing. =)

Suresh S [PersonRank 10]

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Second World War archives reveal a conversation that Churchill had with South African leader Field Marshal Jan Christian Smuts, which showed the former blaming the latter for Britain’s troubles in India.

On one occasion, Churchill told Smuts: “You are responsible for all our troubles in India – you had Gandhi for years and did not do away with him.”

According to The Telegraph, Smuts replied: “When I put him in prison – three times – all Gandhi did was to make me a pair of bedroom slippers.”

When Mahatma Gandhi went on hunger strike during the war, Churchill told his Cabinet: “Gandhi should not be released on the account of a mere threat of fasting. We should be rid of a bad man and an enemy of the Empire if he died.”

Churchill was informed by a ministerial colleague Grigg that Gandhi was getting glucose in his orange juice, and another cabinet minister said ''he had oil rubbed into him which was nutritious’, allowing Churchill to claim that ''it is apparently not a fast merely a change of diet.’

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