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Google Chrome to sync bookmarks (and more?)

Zim [PersonRank 10]

Monday, August 3, 2009
11 years ago3,714 views

Just read this article in Ars Technica: ...

PierreS [PersonRank 10]

11 years ago #

A build will be released in a week or so enabling sync.
More sync-related announces on the way?

I think we'll see the various bits of ChromeOS emerge in the wild bit by bit between now and the preview release of the OS.

drtimofey [PersonRank 10]

11 years ago #

That's a good thing, considering the time it takes to access a single Google bookmark.

Mrrix32 [PersonRank 10]

11 years ago #

[put at-character here]drtimofey
I use the Gmarks extension for Firefox. If that didn't exist I probably wouldn't use Google Bookmarks at all.

Actually why don't they just add support for Google Bookmarks to Chrome? (IE and Firefox can get them through Google Toolbar) Would have saved them a lot of effort.

Pau Tomàs [PersonRank 10]

11 years ago #

[put at-character here]Mrrix32 "Actually why don't they just add support for Google Bookmarks to Chrome?" ...

My guess is that, since Chrome is based in Chromium, they're avoiding linking it strongly with Google services and providing a opensource alternative that can be used with any other "port" of Chromium.

Luka [PersonRank 10]

11 years ago #

The explaining image for sync in chrome ...

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