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Motorola's new Android phone

Richard L. Brandt [PersonRank 3]

Thursday, September 10, 2009
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Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha introduced the company's new Android phone at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco today, a device with the weird name of Moto Blur. But it looks cool.

The big difference is what Jha calls “deep integration of applications,” something the Apple iPhone does not have.

It has a large screen and a slide-out keyboard. The screen can display several applications at once – not just icons, but apps playing in separate windows at once.

Integration? You can synch several different apps and Web services. It will synch your contacts in different email systems. You can post photos to different photo sites at once. Write one post and send it simultaneously to different social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter and your blog. You can set it up so that all postings from your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites appear in a column on the right hand side of the screen.

To check on the social status of friends, one tap will give you live streams from different social networks at once. See a message you want to respond to? Tap it and respond.

You can set up your “home page” on the screen to launch the apps you use the most. No need for menus or opening apps, they all appear on screen, including built-in live widgets.

Really cool: the device seems to have the capability of the long-rumored GDrive. The phones have built-in GPS, and if you lose it, you can remotely wipe the data, which is still stored on Motorola's servers. Get the phone back or buy a new one, and download everything back into the phone.

T-Mobile says it will have the phones out in time for the holiday season this year. The carrier calls it the Click.

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