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Launching the iGoogle Gadget Dashboard  (View post)

BizAbh [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, November 21, 2009
11 years ago4,333 views

Google "pleased to announce the launch of the iGoogle gadget dashboard, a place where developers can manage their gadgets and see detailed analytics about their gadgets' usage. Right now the dashboard allows you to see user numbers over time, number of gadget loads in home and canvas view, as well a geographic break down of users. We plan on adding more features to the dashboard in the near future which will give developers even more detailed information.

If you've already built an iGoogle gadget, go to the dashboard and add it. All you have to do is log in and enter the URL of any gadget you own or developed. Enjoy!"

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Chris [PersonRank 0]

11 years ago #

Very usefull!! but i would be glad to have a link to this feature in my personal google dashboard or in my google account in "my products"... something easy to go to this app...

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