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Looking to Buy a Cameraphone or a Digital Camera? Picasa Can Help!

RiyAndroid [PersonRank 8]

Friday, February 5, 2010
13 years ago2,363 views

<<Flickr offers a very useful camera finder tool to help you choose the right digital camera or a camera phone.

With the Flickr Camera tool, you can not only see the quality of shots captured by actual consumers in real-world situations but you may also compare the relative popularity of various camera models over time.

Google today introduced something similar in Picasa Web Albums – see example.

With Picasa (the online version, not the desktop software), you can either search for public photos that have been shot by any particular brand of cameras (say Nokia or Nikon) or you can limit your search to photos that have been taking using a specific camera model (say Nokia N95 or Canon Power Shot A3100IS).>>

RiyAndroid [PersonRank 8]

13 years ago #

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