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Google Domains Which Could be Blocked in China  (View post)

Hong Xiaowan [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, March 28, 2010
10 years ago3,664 views

I feel sorrow when Google exit to Hong Kong. leave china does not settle anything. Google did not understand China, if Kaifu Lee still here, things will be better.

censor or not in China is the same, you can compare and, you can count the information in Can you find a similar homepage in USA, Germany...?

the people in China can read the truth behind the words. Someone do something but not to say, someone say something but not to do, someone did not do something but say, someone say somethings also do...

in fact, when internet appeared in china, there always the voice, that China must build its very own internet system.

Today, I got someone at ZDNet said that should cut China internet for one day. I really can not understand, Google, and its big boos, USA GOV really want China build its very own internet?

So will have two websites, one is in china, another is out of china...boring!!!

Google, please stop anything, please let is enough now.

Anon [PersonRank 7]

10 years ago #

I should note that it does not appear to be or themselves that are blocked intermittently, only the search results. I've been having that difficulty off and on all day. But things like gmail come through fine.

Canon Ixus [PersonRank 0]

10 years ago #

This is lone of the pernicious effects of affirmative action. In our PC/affirmative action way of life, we nurse to see the achievements and promotions of minorities as a consequence of affirmative action policies instead of human being diligence and talent. This undermines these vastly achievements.
Another ungovernable here is that it sets human standards at odds with the higher divine morality. If the higher morality is going to judge the Extermination, necessary cancer outbreaks, etc, as advantageous, while forgiving moralness will arbitrate them immoral, then the 'good' in each of these moralities are different. Good on the higher habits is not what we property about good.

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