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Google's "Market wide policy changes"

David Sarokin [PersonRank 1]

Saturday, April 10, 2010
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A company called IncrediMail is almost totally dependent on Google for its income, and had an interesting caution in its recent annual report...interesting enough to cause a sharp drop in its stock price, even though it reported good earnings.

Here's the excerpt (from a Wall St Journal article): ...

"...we have limited visibility [about future earnings] due to our understanding that Google is considering implementing market-wide policy changes affecting the assets we are heavily dependent on for our search generated revenues. Google has informed us that while these changes are being discussed within Google management, no decision has been made nor is there any certainty it will be made or implemented, and even if implemented, it is our understanding that, they would have no impact on us before the end of 2010. We are exploring with Google new ways to maintain our relationship should there be changes in policy, and at the same time we are working to decrease our current dependence on Google..."

ANYBODY have any idea what they might be referring to here? What market-wide policy changes are on the table that clearly has this company more than a bit spooked?

David Sarokin [PersonRank 1]

10 years ago #

As I bit of an update, seems that Google just cancelled its partnership with Asterpix, an in-text ad company. Seems as if Google is indeed moving to tighten up what they will allow in terms of third-party use of Adsense.



Dear Publisher,

Since the launch of SearchLight in Oct 2009, adoption has grown rapidly with over 1B impressions served!
SearchLight offers a new revenue stream for online publishers boosting overall revenues 10-25%. As you know, SearchLight monetized in partnership with Google. Google objects to our sharing revenue with you and decided to terminate the partnership. Google Ads will no longer show on SearchLight pages.

We are working on monetization alternatives and will keep you posted. In the meantime, SearchLight will continue to help your users discover more of your content and drive more page views on your site.

Thanks for your support,

The Asterpix Team

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