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Bogus Google Fiber website presenting highly misrepresentative poll

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
10 years ago2,645 views is the 'unofficial place' for all things "Google Fiber", by their own admission in the tagline at the blog header.

However, they have been running a highly misrepresentative poll at The verbiage on the poll reads to the casual visitor as if it's being run by Google and the city/town which wins the poll will be selected for installing the experimental Google Fiber network. Thousands of people, including some city officials in the US, have already been misled by this blog. They are sending out official email communications to their citizens asking them to participate in this poll. I receivered one such communication myself.

Apart from the tag-line on this blog's header, there is no other place on the blog which explicitly states that they are NOT affiliated with Google in anyway. It is not right for them to mislead thousands of people into thinking that this poll is being run by Google and that their votes will actually influence Google's decision on which city / town will be selected. In my opinion, they are deliberately misrepresenting themselves as Google and they should be stopped.

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