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Google News hates me

Jérôme [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, July 4, 2010
12 years ago8,373 views

Here's a screen shot of my Google News homepage, customized to "never" show sport news.
Thanks for asking, Google.

Ionut Alex. Chitu [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

Sections aren't cross-correlated. If you select "never" for sports and add a custom topic like "France", you'll still see sports news in the France section.

Just because I never read news from the entertainment section doesn't mean I can't add a section for Robbie Williams or Gerard Depardieu.

Jérôme [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

[put at-character here]Ionut isn't it ironic that *all* the top stories for France are sport-related? The issue is that the new Google News doesn't let you chose an edition for each section. In the previous version, you could get the top stories of the French edition, but now you're stuck with the -irrelevant- "France" section of the US edition.

That's why I think new version is less customizable than the precedent (see

Oh, Google News (force you to) have a local section, but all the results are even worse. You can't chose a whole country but a region (Ile de France) and the stories are crap: the top three articles are about a traffic jam, a sport competition, and this (WTF?).

Heidegger [PersonRank 2]

12 years ago #

I get non-Local news in my Local section because Google is pulling them from the Local newspaper.

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