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Maplin Spamming Google with irrelevant search results

Joe Hammilton [PersonRank 0]

Thursday, August 5, 2010
10 years ago2,430 views

Hi i have noticed over the past few weeks that show up for search results on google that when you click the link to maplin show a completely irrelevant page.

It looks like they set-up pages that show up when you search for queries like 'sony rcdw500c cd player' that re-directs you to search results on the maplin site containing the phrases 'cd player' or another example 'tv aerial transmitter'.

This is happening with thousands and thousands of reults and it looks like i am not the only one that has noticed it – ... ...

Surely Google will put a stop to this?

Zim [PersonRank 10]

10 years ago #

I hate this kind of results. There are other sites I'd like to exclude from search for this same reason... -.-

Marty [PersonRank 0]

10 years ago #

This really is disgusting, basically google are allowing a big company to cheat there way to the top of searches, its hard enough for small businesses, without giving the big companies there own set of rules.

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