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Potential Google Voice Issue

Joe Parson [PersonRank 0]

Friday, March 18, 2011
12 years ago4,467 views

I recently ran into a problem using Google Voice, and it's somewhat of an interesting one. I think it could be worthy of an article, if for nothing more than to warn readers as to what could happen. The root of the problem is once a cell phone number as been connected to a GV account, moved to another GV account, Google will not allow you to move it back to the first account. I've searched forums, and issued several support requests, but with no luck in finding a solution. To make matters worse, if you delete your google account of the second GV account, the GV number stays active, but you loose all ability to control it. To sum up, my cell number is attached to a GV account that I cannot access, and I also cannot use my cell number with my first GV account. It seems many people have had this problem for quite awhile. Anyway, my first concern would be to warn other users, my second would be to maybe create some press that Google would notice about this unfortunate problem.

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