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George R [PersonRank 10]

Thursday, March 24, 2011
12 years ago4,695 views

The blogoscoped forum automatically converts the symbol for "amount" (aka "at") to an image to defend against harvesting e-mail addresses or gmail account names. It does this in the thread bodies. It does not also do this conversion in the thread titles.

Someone has put a gmail address in a thread title.

Since many other sites repeat blogoscoped entries (perhaps because of rss) this gmail address has been propagated within the first hour to nineteen sites on the web. Several of these sites seem to have gotten the blogoscoped submission rules in the resulting text. These sites also seem to share copies of other articles from other sources. Note also that different sites seem also to have the same article ID, "08iKfL88Vr6BH". Many of them seem to have youtube videos. One of them is a link to "", but by the time I followed that link I could not find it.

Google may want to compare the article IDs when they analyze for content value.


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