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How to Find in Textareas in Firefox  (View post)

John [PersonRank 0]

Thursday, February 2, 2006
17 years ago

Great! I found that to be a really annoying bug in FF. But, with IE7 and the new, improved Google Toolbar I've been using FF less and less anyway.

me [PersonRank 8]

17 years ago #

Is it just me, or does this extension mess up greasemonkey? I couldn't add any userscripts once I installed it.

David [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

As suggested this works great as long as you first focus to the textarea in question and then hit ctrl+f.

The extention is called RetroFind. Ones you've downloaded the XPI file you unzip it, then go to your firefox browser "File"->"open file" and browse to the location on you'r hard drive where you put the unzipped file and click open,
it should now start to install as an extention.

For more info see:

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