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Gabhile:Build your own custom search engine with Google

Abhijit Vyas [PersonRank 1]

Thursday, March 16, 2006
13 years ago

Try out Gabhile..Free Download
Those of you who know about Rollyo .This is Rollyo with Google search
Check the help demos.More coming soon..
Points to note:
Build your own custom categories and then add your trusted sites to
perform search only on those sites(top 10 results from every site)
Add remove search terms with one click.
Find which pages link to any given search result with one click.(top
10 results only)
Save any result as a favorite .. and later search through your
favorites to hunt for lost bookmarks.
Save text content from any web page(to keep track of pages)
Find no of back links for upto 5 URLs and get a GUI comparison
1000 results per day limit(more than enough for even savvy web
Google API Terms and Conditions apply.
Check it out and let me know ..I am adding more and more features to
Gabhile..Love to hear from you

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