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Juls T [PersonRank 0]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
13 years ago

Been using the Google Page Creator a few days now. Man, it's excellent. I used it as a personal family photo album where my grandchildren can access it in the future. Great for storing for such items forever. It's a good way to share it among family and friends, keeping them updated about your family. I think Google has another product that would capture people to use Google. This is probably Google's answer to MySpace. Sooner or later as people create their on webpage and share it among friends and families, Google has great word of mouth reference to use it. You can update the content anytime, anywhere at almost an instant.

As noted, now some improvement, as I upload pictures, I want a bigger storage space than the 100MB given. Also, Google can make it more interactive by incorporating Google Talk and Chat into the webpage. That way friends and families will come back more often to check your webpage when you can keep in touch with them through Google Talk or Chat. Or maybe, the Gmail so that they can post their mail via their own webpage.


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