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Microsoft Debuts "URL Tracer" to Halt Typo-Squatters

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Friday, April 7, 2006
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Microsoft Debuts "URL Tracer" to Halt Typo-Squatters

The lightweight prototype, called Strider URL Tracer, builds on the work within Microsoft's Cybersecurity and Systems Management group to keep tabs on a sophisticated typos-quatting scheme that uses multilayer URL redirection to make money from Google's AdSense for domains program

Yi-Min Wang, who heads up the group's work in Redmond, Wash., said URL Tracer can be used as a parental control tool to block inappropriate ads from being served from Web sites that are set up to deliberately lure kids who accidentally misspell a popular domain.

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17 years ago #

actually, this was in the pipeline for quite some time.I posted here

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