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Celiac Research Center Wins SEO Contest Prize Money  (View post)

Mr. Paint [PersonRank 0]

Thursday, May 18, 2006
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Here's a summary of where all the money went. One notable thing is that everyone was paid off – contrast this to Philipp's experience in the Seraphim Proudleduck SOE contest – where no payments were made unfortunately. So a big attaboy to the sponsors who ante'd up the money for this fun contest.

Remember that Scott from who won sent half to Celiac (as graciously offered back in January) and Greg Boser had a different set of rules that several sites were not compliant with ... so it was a little more complicated – here's the breakdown.

1. #1 split the $4,000 they got from John Scott at V7N and $3,000 from Greg Boser with Celiac Disease – i.e. CFCR got $3,500, minus some Paypal charges that were incurred in routing it.

2. #4 WPD got $100 from John Scott from finishing 4th.

3. #4 WPD got $1,600 from Greg Boser because they tossed the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th SERP results for non-compliance.

So ended up with $3,500 and Celiac/WPD $5,200 (minus $58.50 in pro-rated Paypal fees that deducted from his donation).

The other top-5 finishers DID get money from John Scott, – i.e. #2 got $500, #3 got $100, and #5 got $100.

Another summary is also here:

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