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Saturday, June 24, 2006
15 years ago3,232 views

Further to the Google Magic trick described in Chapter 13 of "55 Ways to Have Fun With Google", I decided to convert the magic trick to a bookmarklet so it'd work on the real Google page.

Create a bookmarklet with the following code (or paste into address bar on Google homepage):

javascript:void(document.onclick=function() {document.onclick=function() { setTimeout("document.getElementsByTagName('IMG')[1].src=' ...

3000)}; setTimeout("document.getElementsByTagName('IMG')[1].src=''\", 3000) })

The first time you click, the image will change after 3 seconds to a picture of Steve Ballmer. When you click again, the image will change back to the Google logo. You can still use and interact with the Google page as usual. E.g. if you click on the text box, the text box will activate as well as changing the logo.

Screenshot and bookmarklet which you can drag to the bookmarks toolbar at ...

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