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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
17 years ago

Yeah. Everyone should have a choice, their own choice. If someone has a spot on the web, and they made it interesting enought that Google ranks 'em high, why shouldn't they be able to cut out the commentators addresses and names and stuff? It'll come back to them, won't it?

In general, I think that page ranking is still in its infancy. And we don't even have smaller sets of WWW and Internet space to play with. At the very least, shouldn't there be a complete Semantic Web someplace? A series of addresses, maybe with an identifying name – even if it were a new Top Level Domain – that would *all* follow the Semantic Web rules and conform to its descriptions...That'd be cool, but I just mean that the web's just starting. And the various techniques for search are just beginning to be explored.

So just because we see an establishment forming – again- doesn't meant that everything won't be turned on its head – again – inside of a year.

But just on general principles I don't like the "don't follow". I use robot instructions to keep them away from pages, but it seems tacky to identify one little link on a page as not worthy of being catalogued.

Ok. That's my comment.


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