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Google vs tiny upstarts !!

/pd [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, July 30, 2006
14 years ago2,098 views

is Google losing market share to tiny upstarts ?? Financial analysts are worried that Google is getting trounced by upstarts in three of the hottest sectors of the web – blogging, video sharing and social networking. ...

Sunil Nair [PersonRank 9]

14 years ago #

Bound to happen sooner or later, isn't it? Google was itself an upstart when they started, and look where they are today. Apart from the early lead they set in the search game (by way of quality and speed), most of their other products do not really have any USP, so to speak (from the ground up, I mean). Google's corporate motto certainly helped them come a long way.

Sohil [PersonRank 10]

14 years ago #

Not just Google, these startups are schooling Microsoft and Yahoo along with AOL as well.

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