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Why bloggers became news agencies ?

Sankar Anand [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, August 5, 2006
14 years ago2,033 views

i had this question in my mind...

There are many categories in blogging, and when i was reading Rss Feeds of many blogs they post the same news other bloggers have posted by linking to orginal content like Via Blogoscoped etc...

Only Official blogs give unquie news.and tips.... and other bloggers link the content or news from official blogs or from another blogs...

Why has blogging changed like this ?

i thought each blogger should deliver thier own unique ideas in whatever field they are or some discoveries they do....

More than 1000 blogs are indexing news from orgnial content.... and it acts like news agency...

Can anyone tell me the reason why ? This is what they call is commerical ?

i just wanted to ask this question and so i posted it.... and i'm in now way representing any specfic bloggers... if you think that so its purely coincidence

Waiting for your valuable comments on this!

Sunil Nair [PersonRank 9]

14 years ago #

Probably because most bloggers these days take to "blogging" purely to monetize their sites. The other could be laziness and lack of originality. To be fair, lack of time to do so could also be a reason, so pump up your blog with links.

To some extent the "news agency" effect is good because it accelerates the spread of news globally.

My two cents.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

14 years ago #

I think it's the same with mainstream news sources; the level of originality or "scoops" differ. For example, CNN has lots of original news their reporters bring in, but they also have lots of news where they just copy from press releases or AP reports. ...

Dozens or hundreds of other news sources take the exact same AP article and just change the wording. Usually when mainstream sources write an article based on press release information, they will make it look like they did the interviews, whereas they're just quoting from press release statements. Good blogs tend to cite their sources better through links.

But you can't just restrict a news site to original reporting, or you would miss out on many news for your readers. Those who visit CNN and no other site are happy they get lots of news, including AP reports, so they don't need to visit a lot of websites.

A blog/ blog community/ blogger can have a variety of useful stuff, like:
- filtering information, making sure there's much signal and no noise
- adding personal opinion to releases
- transparency
- being a platform for discussion, a meeting point to hear people's analysis and opinion
- analyzing websites, finding new tools and services
- writing programs to datamine a site

The last two points work well especially if the blog is about an online service/ site/ tech company mainly. Often when stories on internet topics erupt, I see lots of original reporting on blogs.

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