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Interesting domain information tool

Niraj Sanghvi [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
16 years ago2,702 views

I just came across this website which seemed to be a good tool for domain information.

For example, ( – ONLINE – Ping: 249.81 ms
You have an excellent Google PageRank. Your website is extremely popular to the web users. You have a high Alexa Rank. Your website should be doing very good at this point. You're among the top 50,000 websites on the Internet.

Current Pagerank 7 / 10
Predicted Pagerank 7 PageRank – Accuracy: 70.6%
Alexa Ranking 2,510 (Click here)

Pages linking to entire website 304,481
Listings on Google Search 15,200 (Click here)
Listings on MSN Search 9,098 (Click here)
Listings on Yahoo Search 12,324 (Click here

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mark glanville [PersonRank 1]

16 years ago #

that is a nice little tool... thanks.

TOMHTML [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

thanks :)

I juste hope that the URL "" will not be indexed...

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

<< I juste hope that the URL "" will not be indexed... >>

Hmm. Some already are indexed:

Niraj Sanghvi [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

I only discovered the site because it appeared in my site's referrer log.

pokemo [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago # has 8 listing in dmoz directory but the tool shows only 1.

How nice if the tool can show how many listing in Yahoo! directory has 3 listing

Niraj Sanghvi [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Actually pokemo, I used the tool to look specifically at the subdomain, not the entire domain. But it looks like the results for the whole domain still show the DMOZ inaccuracy.

As for the yahoo number of results, I think it's more likely it ran something that was the equivalent of this:

/pd [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

heres a niother tool. I like the the interface

/pd [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

oh while at it.. heres some fun stuff --now go and play with you name :)-

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