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Dramatic AutoLink Panel Discussion Video

Jensen [PersonRank 1]

Sunday, March 6, 2005
17 years ago

I was looking at one of the sources that the author of the video links to.... One was quite amusing:
"But you know, if everyone started getting their maps through Google AutoLinks, it wouldn’t matter how good anyone else was, because they wouldn’t be able to catch up because nobody would be looking.
Larry Borsato wrote to tell me that the toolbar lets you select your favorite map provider, and he’s right, but you know, I hadn’t noticed that, and I bet most other people don’t either; because Google is the default.
And suppose some bright developers in a garage somewhere are cooking up some new, dramatically better, online mapping application. If AutoLink maps became the default way of doing things, they’re stone-cold dead. Sure, they’ll just call up the Googleplex and ask to be on the options list with Yahoo Maps and Mapquest. Ha. Ha. Ha."

What if I were to tell him that the search box in the google toobar ALWAYS uses Google to search for results, and there is no way to change that? He'd asplode in anger! Nobody will ever use another search engine if they always have the Google toolbar there! All other search engines are doomed!

Ades [PersonRank 6]

17 years ago #

Google has a big credit from everyone.

If microsoft embedded this kind of autolinks into Windows or IE, the world will revolt. but when it is google everybody says 'what is the big deal'

if microsoft fired mark jen, it would be different, but when google did, everybody said 'so what, doesn't this clown know that big corps do that, he deserved.'

Not that I defend microsoft but I wanted to point that google has lot of credit. let's see what will happen in future...

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