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Funny Google Checkout Problem??

Kirby Witmer [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
16 years ago3,394 views

Someone just recently commented on my blog...

   Moureen Ballard says....

"I bought a computer through Google Checkout on 9-12. I had problems processing the order but it went through and the seller contacted me and assured me that my order was being sent. Well today my order came and instead of a computer I received 2 sacks of birdseed. Nether Google checkout or the seller will answer me. My credit card company is going to check it out but I will never use Google checkout again. There is no phone number to talk to a real person and no one answers my e-mails. "

If it's true, that's just too funny. :) Of course it could be a seller problem and nothing to do with Google Checkout at all, but its amazing how people are quick to blame Google.

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