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Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
16 years ago3,719 views

Ask really are keeping Gary busy with all these Smart Answers! Is there a page somewhere that lists all the different types that are available?

(BTW, Google calls them "OneBox" results whereas Ask calls them "Smart Answers".)

Shane [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

We had an earthquake in Northern Ohio today. Kinda wierd if you ask me. This is no bull by the way.

Gary Price [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Good question (as always) but no, a single list is not available but one is in the works. However, keeping it current will be a challenge since we add so many each week.

Also, remember that their is a difference between Smart Answers vs. RSS Smart Answers. I'm putting a post together now with some of our latest RSS Smart Answers. Should be on ResourceShelf soon.

A few examples (very few examples) and remember trigger words can be easily changed. I'm not going to list each trigger.

Remember, all of this is in addition to regular (organic results) and the Zoom refinements.

1) Combo. Smart Answer (hurricane info) PLUS RSS Smart Answer
with up to the minute advisories from the National Hurricane Center.

2) RSS Smart Answer, Google Blogoscoped

or breaking news
FDA Recalls (no spinach here in America)

3) Real Time Smart Answer
Market Cap Google, numbers change as stock price fluctuates
also works with company name

4) City Info, for example Seattle
Note the direct link to the map, official city home pae, fast facts, and school info.

5) General to specific
One thing you learn in library school is that people often need help figuring out what they are precisely looking for. They start general but want something specific.
Here without any extra typing basic info and then a pull down to specific breed info.

6) $$$ Conversions
Of course, Google and others have this. Note that Ask has other countries with pesos right below Mexico.

7) Again, nothing unusual, just presentation diff.
Everyone, including Ask will recognize a UPS, Fedex, DHL #. However, many people (non search geeks) don't know this. They might search just track packages.

Note that Ask offers not only links to a box for each but also direct links to the companies home page, toll free #, and customer service dept.

8) Enter wedding registry or wedding registry (brides name) for example (U.S. only) and go directly to a database that aggregates major national wedding registies.

Pop Culture fans: from Bono
NOTE his real name is the second name in the expanded name section to episode guides to 24.
to a good buger:

I could go on but more later.

Btw, we even have a Smart Answers for Google.
With direct links to Gmail, maps, images, Earth and the home page.

Yahoo too!

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