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Google has NOT forsaken Picasaweb after all

David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]

Friday, November 17, 2006
16 years ago2,187 views


it seems to be another update on PicasaWeb ;

it directs you to the uploading page instead of entering the album.
i think this feature is pretty cool..

what do you think guys?

David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

plus.. ive noticed two more things:
1)no more ' See the next 60 photos / see all photos.
from now on, all photos are loaded..

2)this snapshot:

this message is available for a second and then disappears.. but ive managed to snapshot it.. :)

Mrrix32 [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Also, on the Recent activity, the number of uploaded photos is AFTER "photos added by *" (replacing * with a name) rather than before it (eg "10 photos added by *)

TOMHTML [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Nothing new, they just do the promotion of a feature which was already available on the site, and they put it in a popup.

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