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Launch Megite 2.0

matthew chen [PersonRank 1]

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
16 years ago2,506 views

We launch Megite 2.0 with new features and significant improvements.
1. New blog discovery algorithm: Megite introduces the new blog auto discovery algorithm. So not only the A-list bloggers, other bloggers can be the sources to Megite. This improves the coverage and inclusive of Megite.

2. Better Ranking algorithm: Megite introduces the blog quality importance evaluation metrics and improves the the ranking algorithm by combining the blog importance, content relevance, linkage info, freshness, user feedback, and more.

3. Better Clustering algorithm: Clustering algorithm is used to group the posts about the same topic under the same thread.

4. Better Thumbnail image extraction algorithm.

5. Cache thumbnail images on Megite server.

6. Crawling infrastructure improvement that helps us to update more frequently and process more verticals.

7. Better title and description extraction algorithm.

8. More verticals are covered: Entertainment, Science, Food, Fashion, Chinese IT, etc.

9. Megite River of News by crowdsourcing.

10. Refresh main channels in less than half an hour

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