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Gmail Mail Fetcher problems

Juan [PersonRank 0]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
14 years ago2,202 views

Gmail Mail Fetcher problems.

As I weas having problems with spam I decided to use a Gmail account to collect and filter email from other services (Hotpop and other).

First I tried collecting via forwardint to Gmail, but then configured Gmail to get the email from the other accounts vis POP (Gmail Mail Fetcher).

At first it worked, but now I notice I miss many emails, so I checked the original accounts (e.g. Hotpop).

I have tons of mail (spam and valid) in the original accounts that Gmail did not get (I did NOT select to leave mail on server).

What do you think?. Is is a problem in Gmail, in Gmail-Hotpop dialogue?.

What do you advice?. I would like to keep the Gmail Mail Fetcher working instead of forwarding. If I set forward, what happens with the already received email?.

I thought Gmail was a solution for spam but now it is a serious PROBLEM. Why Google seems not to get any service working (e.g. Orkut, Gmail, Groups).


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