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Stupid Response to Job Offer

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
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I don't know if it's Google or some other search engine that made the job offer, but it seems like a pretty normal job offer to me. I don't see any evidence of hubris from the search company in this letter. This guys response is pretty stupid even though he is already happily employed. And he is the one displaying hubris.

Part of Response to Job Offer Below:
<<Don't take this the wrong way, but telling me I should "feel free to pass it along to people" in my network, or that I "might be interested in a Leadership position" at ______ presumes it's a privilege to be recruited by ______. With the stock having peaked and 2007 looking to be the year the valuation bubble bursts, I think ______'s going to have to show a bit more humility going forward if it's to continue the success it's had to date. I would be an incredibly valuable contributor to ________'s success were I to work there, but _________ is by no means the only game in town.>>

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