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Date diff. between Webmaster Central and Google Cache

Fran├žois Houste [PersonRank 1]

Thursday, February 15, 2007
15 years ago3,074 views

Hi all,

didn't find any clue or information about the kind of question I have, even if I'm certain I'm not the first one to see this kind of thing...
Managing many sites, I'm keeping attnetion to Google caching date and Webmaster Central reports in order to know when my last modifications will be taken by SE. Cheking one of the site, I noticed this strange thing : cache date is more recent than last Google Bot access given by Webmaster Central (see pictures below). Seems strange to me as I supposed GoogleBot had to access a page in order to cache it... or caching and indexing are two totally independant processes...

Don't look logical cap'tain.

Screenshot attached :

Google Cache : january 8th 2007

Google Webmaster Central access : october 24th 2006

Does any one have an idea of the why and how of all this?


John Honeck [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I'd imagine that Webmaster tools is pulling its information from a datacenter, or even data file that pulls information from a data center. Your just looking at a different data center.

And yes caching is different than accessing. Many new sites or penalized ones are crawled regularly and neither cached or indexed.

If you've got a home page that hasn't been cached since October you are suffering from some serious supplemental problems, and I'd get on that before the site disappears from the index entirely.

Fran├žois Houste [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago #

JohnWeb : you got it on the wrong side.
Cache is quite recent (8th Jan.) but access in Webmaster Central is awfully old (24th Oct.).... Even if I can imagine a datacenter thang, it seems so weird to have this difference in this way : Cache younger than access

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