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Chelsea sign deal with YouTube

Utills [PersonRank 10]

Friday, February 23, 2007
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"Chelsea have struck a deal to show archive footage and club news on YouTube, the first such deal to be done by a Premiership football club.


Chelsea's move, however, is an acknowledgement that some bootlegging is inevitable, so it is more productive to attempt to control the content that appears on the site.

The BBC is considering a similar deal that would see programme clips and content appearing in a branded area of the website."
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Interesting developements since most of the content they will be putting up are usually available on youTube anyway. However, in this way I guess they will get money from YouTube for number of views instead of not getting any money by being beaten by the bootleggers.

I think that the Chelsea move is more to do with exposure for the club as they chase global recognition in as little time as possible. The BBC move would, however, be surprising as they already have an excellent and accessible website that can be used to help keep control over content.

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