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Simple Wikipedia Explains Earth  (View post)

B. [PersonRank 2]

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
14 years ago4,145 views

"Earth spins like a basket ball on dennis rodmans finger (that means it turns around itself)..."

Earth spins counter-clockwise. Being right handed and not a basketball star, it works for me....

Tadeusz Szewczyk [PersonRank 10]

14 years ago #

Wow. Dennis Rodman. The idol of my youth.

bwaje [PersonRank 1]

14 years ago #

Yes, completely northamericano-centrism; who knows dennis rodmans in the world of english speakers ?

Lawrence R [PersonRank 1]

14 years ago #

It's probably worth pointing out that the 'dennis rodman' bit, as well as 'The Earth is the only place we know of that has the internet' were both a result of vandalism, that has now been reverted.

Romke van der Meulen [PersonRank 1]

14 years ago #

It's still funny though...

Geoff [PersonRank 1]

14 years ago #

The "Simple English" Wikipedia is hilarious.

I would really really love to know, if anyone has real figures on it, whether the Simple English version is accessed by anyone other than editors.

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