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Coolz0r [PersonRank 1]

Monday, June 20, 2005
15 years ago

Seems to me they're getting ready for their own e-payment adventure.
Pay-pal is warned! I'm can't wait to see the clash happening. Also looking forward to the results for the end-user.

Alex James [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

How do you get notified of a domain that an entity registers for? I know about WHOIS, but I think you can only lookup by hostname, and not by Person/Company.

John Smith [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago #

It also seems that they might be going to put all their help and guides onto the .infos to me

gary price [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Gary Price from and the SEW Blog checking-in. Philipp invited me to post a response to your query.

You are correct, searching one of the MANY free WHOIS databases allows only limited access to data. I use several services along with plain old detective work to put together lists that Philipp is good enough to share on GB.

The most powerful tool and most easily accessible tool to power search a WHOIS database comes from Dialog, a "supermarket" of databases that librarians (I am one) and many other online researchers use. They do cost money.

Btw, Dialog is one of the oldest and biggest names in online information retrieval. Their databases (in the thousands) can be MASSIVELY poweful resources. Amazing stuff, even if you're just browsing their documentation. Dialog has been around since for more than 30 years.

Ok, the database of greatest interest is file #225
Here is the documentation or what Dialog refers to as a Bluesheet. ...

This is both a WHOIS and WHOWAS database with data back to 1997. .

You'll see many searchable fields including the "ON" field that looks for current owner of the domain. As you can see it's also possible to search by Zip Code, area code, country, etc.

Most Dialog databases contain hundreds of searchable fields.
Anyone interested in online info retrieval will be impressed by just browsing the bluesheets.

As I said earlier you need to have a subscription to search Dialog and then pay for each record.

Now, some good news and some bad news.
Dialog allows you to search the database for free and then by records as needed by going to:
and selecting "Domain Names." The bad news is that many of the fields that we mention above cannot be searched using this interface.

If Philipp and others who visit the forum would be interested, I would be happy to post about more specialized tools (including other WHOIS options) in the forum on a regular basis.

Phillipp, provides a WONDERFUL and important blog. I would be happy to participate to when called upon. Of course, an invite to visit my sites
whenever you have a spare moment or two.

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